Brand Essence:

The toy market in India is rapidly evolving. New characters, new materials are changing the face of the traditional toy market in India at a rapid pace. Since 1994, 'Lovely Toys' has been at the forefront of this ever-evolving toy landscape through its state-of-the-art products developed with Love, Care, Empathy, and Responsibility. Amidst the stiff competition from global as well as Indian players, 'Lovely Toys' has established a strong foothold due to its trust and ethical business practices for the past two decades.

Complying their business with the BIS standards, Lovely Toys stands tall as a faithful friend who brings a positive change through love & care in a kid's life while keeping him entertained and also becoming a trustworthy partner to the parents. To be such a faithful friend, 'Lovely Toys' has for years together developed toys that encompass values like Love, Care, Empathy, Safety, Hygiene, Durability, Innovation, and above all, the best value for money.

Continuing on this growth curve lovely toys now aim to create products of global standards, while continuing to proudly make products in India and sticking to its legacy of trustworthiness and innovation.


Our brand values act as a reality check which helps us to ensure that design—photographic and written communications express the unique character of Lovely Toys. Every piece of work for Lovely Toys encapsulates and expresses the below values and will not contradict these values under any circumstances.


Our approach to Toy making is through Empathy. We put love, care, and emotions into everything that we do or serve. Empathy is the cornerstone of Lovely Toys success story.


Every product moving from the house of Lovely Toys will bear a mark of safety. Under no circumstances will safety be compromised and it will be the torchbearer of the brand.


Certified by BIS, each product of Lovely Toys will go through a stringent test, checking the durability and quality of global standards for Toys.


We wish to make every kid's childhood, memorable and beautiful. Hence along with the best quality and value for money our toys are affordable too.


We always remain warm & lovable, open & honest to all our Stakeholders and Partners and people.


Whether it is communicating with our people, communicating our ideas, or designing products, innovation + cutting edge design forms one of our most important pillars of success.


Being a faithful friend to kids and his parents, ethics have been ingrained in our DNA since inception. We do anything and everything with business ethics always tied to our actions.


Every product of Lovely Toys is manufactured in India. We feel immensely proud of our nation playing an important role in our success story.


"To become a friend who brings a positive change through love & care in the life of kids while keeping them entertained. While doing so, we want to be a trustworthy partner to the parents.





Founder and creative leader, Nina Pangaonkar looks after the creative production and the innovation that has stayed with the company since its inception. Breathing life and cuteness into the products, she has made the name lovely toys true to its character and its authenticity.




A man with a 30+ experience behind him, Mr. Praful Pangaonkar looks after the makrketing, distribution, and the commercial aspect of the brand lovely toys. With his acute financial skills and ability to stick to processes makes him a leader who plays an important role in taking the company forward.


Lovely toys has always been a part of qualitative and responsible products since 1994. This is further reinforced with the BIS system of quality check and control that is now a part of Lovely Toys culture.